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KAA0660 Remote Control Head for KNG-M Series Radios

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What is it?

Bendix King KAA0660 remote control head for all KNG mobile series radios. This remote head allows you to have your mobile screen where ever you need it to be. These are extremely useful with trucks or cars with very limited space.

Works With:

  • Relm BK Radio KNG-M150
  • Relm BK Radio KNG-M400
  • Relm BK Radio KNG-M500
  • Relm BK Radio KNG-M800
  • Relm BK Radio KNG-M Remote Mount Radios


Remote head can be added to either a Dash mount KNG or a Remote mount KNG radio body.  Dual heads are an optional configuration, one head in the cab and one in the rear of a vehicle for ease of use of the radio from more than one spot on a vehicle. 

*Select a control cable, lengths vary from 10' KAA0635, 17' KAA0636, or 25' KAA0637 depending on install need.  Remote head includes the KAA0638 installation kit for mounting.

Awesome Because:

Useful with vehicles with limited space

Plug and Play Kit

Includes KAA0638 for KNG Mobile

Radio Compatibility
  • KNG-M

More Details

Remote Control Head, KAA0660 for KNG-M Mobile Radios

  • Replaces Products: Bendix King KAA0660, Bendix King KAA-0660, KAA0660, KAA-0660
  • What's Included: Head, KAA0638 Install Kit