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Is this ALMR/trunking system compatible

asked by Chief Phillip Ingersoll on October 29, 2018

Answer here

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The KNG2-P150 is the same model class as the KNG-P150 (this is confirmed in the BK Technologies P25 Compliance Assessment Documents). The KNG and KNG2 use the same FCC ID numbers. Most states consider a product with the same FCC ID as an approved radio also approved. Because it is the same model class and FCC ID, then behavior will be identical for the KNG and KNG2.

The KNG-P150 is approved on the ALMR (Alaska Land Mobile Radio) Sytem. This can be verified by referencing the approved radios list for the ALMR system: http://alaskalandmobileradio.org/radios.htm

Customer Support at BendixKingRadios.com answered on October 30, 2018