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32" Titanium Whip BIGBOOST EXTREME Antenna KNG

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BIGBOOST Extreme 32" Titanium Whip Antenna for BK KNG-P150 series radios.  Talk Further with the tuned BIGBOOST Extreme Titanium Whip antenna. Choose antenna based on the transmit frequency used most.  Each antenna frequency is designed to work +/- 3 MHz from the selected frequency.  The fully flexible whip is durable enough to stand up to the harshest conditions.


  • RELM BK Radio KNG P150 handheld radios
  • RELM BK Radio KNG P150S handheld radios
  • RELM BK Radio KNG P150-CMD handheld radios


  • Screws Directly onto the top of the threaded SMA connector
  • 32 in flexible titanium whip antenna
  • Choose from 3 Tuning options: 153 MHz (Orange), 166 MHz(Black) & 170 MHz(Blue)
  • 13db gain
  • Available Now
Awesome Because:

Extremely rugged titanium whip

Ubeatable 13db gain on the chosen frequency

BigBoost Extreme is by far the powerful antenna for your BK Radio KNG-P150 series radios

Extreme boost in range when your main antenna get the transmission out

Available in 153, 166, or 170Mhz or custom tuned to your desired frequency

Radio Compatibility
  • KNG2-P
  • KNG-P
  • KNG-P S

More Details

32" Titanium Whip BigBoost Antenna for BK KNG

  • Frequency Range: VHF
  • Gain: 13 dB
  • Connector Type: SMA Male
  • Type / Length: Whip 16-60"
  • Replaces Products: 49SSTITA
  • What's Included: Antenna