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4100 MAH LI-ION Rechargeable Battery Blue for KNG KNG2

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The BAKNGRCKK41U is the highest available capacity rechargeable battery for BK KNG series handheld Radios.  The long lasting 4100 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery increases talk time on your two way radios between charges. 

The King Kong Brand batteries harness the power of the beast within!  Extend your talk time by an average of 6 hours per use.  That's 6 hours longer than your buddy's radio will last with the lower capacity.  That means you have bragging rights!

Works with the following BK KNG Radios:

  • KNG-P150, KNG-P150S, KNG-P150CMD, KNG2-P150, KNG2-P150CMD
  • KNG-P400, KNG-P400S, KNG2-P400
  • KNG-P500, KNG2-P500
  • KNGP800, KNG2-P800

Why choose this battery?

Select this battery if you need a longer talk time on your radio before needing to re-charge.  On average this battery is getting at least 6 additional hours over the 3600 mAh batteries.  Ships fully charged which eliminates the need to power cycle the battery upon arrival.

  • Highest available capacity battery for KNG's
  • Longest lasting battery between charges
  • Works with all KNG portable radios
  • 4100 mAh capacity
  • High Visibility Blue
  • Patent Pending
Awesome Because:

Highest capacity battery for KNG Radios

Longest lasting rechargeable battery

Works with all KNG Handheld radios

4100 mAh capacity

Unique Tahoe Blue Color

Radio Compatibility
  • KNG2-P
  • KNG-P
  • KNG-P S

More Details

4100 mAh, BLUE, Li-Ion Battery for KNG, KNG2 radios

  • Battery Type - Rechargeable
  • Color: Blue
  • Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
  • Replaces Products: KAA0101, 49PP0101, BABA1506, BAREBA1506, BAKNGRCBA36R, BAKNGRCBA36, BAKNGRCBA36R.2, KAA0100, BABA1503, BAKNGRCBA19, BAKNGRCRE19, BAKNGRCBA22, KAA0103, KAA0103E
  • What's Included: Battery and Belt Clip

  • Battery Capacity: 3501-5000 mAh