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18 Inch BigBoost Whip Antenna for BKR5000 Radios

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The ANSFMWPBB18V is a BigBoost 18 inch antenna for handheld two-way radios that use a Flush SMA Female Antenna connection(Motorola Style). This antenna is great for radio users who need an extra BOOST with their BKR5000 and Motorola Series portable radios. This VHF 148-174 MHz antenna with Motorola style SMA-F flush Connector has a 2.1dB gain over a standard rubber ducky antenna.  The flexible whip allows for ease of movement without getting hung up.

Works with: 

  • BK Technologies BKR5000
  • Motorola Handheld Radios

Why Choose this? 

The BigBoost 18 inch high gain antenna is the most comfortable flexible antenna for portable radios. Wildland firefighters often find themselves in places with poor reception, the extended length of the antenna improves reception. This antenna has 2.15 db gain over the OEM antennas.  The increased gain allows to to talk further than the standard rubber ducky style antennas. Compatible with GPS enabled radios.

Awesome Because:

BigBoost 18 Inch High Gain Whip

Talk Further with 2.15 db gain

VHF 148-174 Mhz

Use with BKR5000 Radios

Compatible with GPS enabled radios

Radio Compatibility
  • BKR5000

More Details

18 Inch BigBoost Whip Antenna, VHF 148-174 MHz, Flush SMA-F for BKR500

  • Frequency Range: VHF
  • Gain: 2 dB
  • Color: Blue
  • Connector Type: SMA Female
  • Type / Length: Whip 16-60"
  • Replaces Products: BKR0810GPS
  • What's Included: Antenna