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BKR0102 Rechargeable Battery for BKR9000 Radios

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The BKR0102 is a rechargeable battery for the BKR 9000 Series Radios with a water rating of IP68. The battery is a super high capacity 4900 MAh.  This is the highest capacity battery offered by BK Technologies. 

Works With:

BK Technologies BKR 9000 Portable radios

Why Choose this battery?

Power your feature rich multi-band BKR9000 radio all day with this super high capacity rechargeable battery.  The 4900 MAh capacity allows the radio to run with all its features all day long without needing to stop and recharge. At this time this is the BKR 0102 is the only approved battery for the BKR9000 radios

Awesome Because:

Power your Multi-Band BKR9000 Radio

Rechargeable - Never carry AA batteries again!

The only approved battery on the market for BKR9000 radios!

Radio Compatibility
  • BKR9000

More Details

Rechargeable BKR0102 Battery for BKR 9000 Handheld Radios

  • Battery Type - Rechargeable
  • Product Grade: Professional
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
  • Battery

  • Cal Fire Approved
  • NIFC Approved
  • Battery Capacity: 3501-5000 mAh