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D-Swivel Kit Belt Loop and D-Swivel Button for BKR9000 Radios

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What is the D-Swivel Kit, Belt Loop, and D-Button for BKR9000 Handheld Radios?

The D-Swivel Kit, Belt Loop, and D-Button for BKR9000 Handheld Radios is a must-have accessory set designed to enhance the usability and portability of your BKR9000 radios. This kit ensures your radio is securely fastened to your belt, allowing for quick and easy access during crucial moments. The D-Swivel provides a reliable attachment, while the Belt Loop offers flexibility and comfort. The D-Button adds extra control and convenience, making this kit essential for professionals who depend on their radios in challenging environments.

Works with the Following Radios:

Compatible exclusively with BKR9000 Handheld Radios.

Why Choose this D-Swivel Kit?

Selecting the D-Swivel Kit, Belt Loop, and D-Button for your BKR9000 Handheld Radios ensures secure and convenient communication solutions. The design guarantees your radio remains firmly attached to your belt, providing easy access and adaptability. Its durable construction can withstand daily wear and tear, making it ideal for various professional settings. Enhance your communication efficiency and reliability with this essential accessory set for BKR9000 radios.

Radio Compatibility
  • BKR9000

More Details

D-Swivel Kit: Belt loop and D-Swivel Button for BKR9000 Radios.

  • What's Included: D-Swivel Button with Belt Loop. BKR0405 Belt Clip is sold separately.

  • Carry Accessory Material: Metal
  • Carry Type: D-Swivel
  • Carry Type: Belt Loop