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KAA0303-6 Smart 6-Bay Charger for KNG P Series Radios

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Black 6-Bay "smart" charger KAA0303-6

  • Multi-chemistry capable: NiCad, NiMH, Li-Ion and Li-Po  Adaptive Reconditioning Capability
  • Display Showing Battery’s Charge or Life Condition
  • Wide Range Power Input:  AC Input (110 –240V AC) or DC input (14 – 24v DC)
  • Charges both Smart & Standard Relm BK KNG Batteries Charges a KNG-P portable with a KAA0100/KAA0103 attached or a KAA0101 only (not attached to radio) 



  • All KNG P150 and KNG P150 command series radios
  • All KNG P150S series radios
  • All KNG P400 series radios
  • All KNG P400S series radios
  • All KNG P500 series radios
  • All KNG P800 series radios
  • KNG2-P150 and KNG2-P150 Command Series Radios


This quad chemistry rapid rate charger will charge the original OEM BK Radio batteries or any of the upgraded rechargeable batteries for these radios.  Currently OEM and after market manufacturers are only providing Li-Ion batteries for these radio. This charger is compatible with Ni-Cad, Ni-MH, and Li-Poly batteries, but these batteries are not currently available for BK Radio KNG P series radios. For question about how to order charging cups to make this charger compatible with other radios that use Li-Poly, Ni-Cad or Ni-MH please feel free to give us a call.

Awesome Because:

Intelligent Smart Charger

Adaptive Reconditioning Capability

Shows Charge Level of Each Battery

Rapid Rate Charger

Radio Compatibility
  • KNG2-P
  • KNG-P
  • KNG-P S

More Details

6-Bay Smart Charger, KAA0303-6 for KNG

  • Charger Type: Desktop Multibank
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion, Li-Poly, NiCad, NiMh
  • Replaces Products: Bendix King KAA0301P, Bendix King KAA0301, Bendix King NCC0380, Bendix King CHBA1417, Bendix King CHBA1500, Bendix King CHBA1503, KAA0301P, KAA0301, NCC0380, CHBA1417, CHBA1500, CHBA1503
  • What's Included: Charger, Wall Plug