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Orange AA Clamshell BADPHCSBAO - Equivalent to LAA0139 for RELM BK radio DPH, GPH

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The BadAss orange clamshell allows you to power your Bendix King Radio with AA batteries. Slide the battery case open to accept (9) AA batteries, then close the case and use the loaded clam shell, just as you would the original OEM battery. AA Alkaline batteries discharge at a higher rate than rechargeable batteries under high current usage, such as keying up your radio. This means that clamshells discharge rates are even more difficult to calculate than rechargeable batteries. Under a 5/5/90 duty cycle the clamshell loaded with brand new quality AA alkaline batteries will last about as long as a 2,200mAh rechargeable battery, but those same AA batteries loaded into a AA battery pack and put into service on a radio that undergoes a 10/10/80 duty cycle will only last about as long as a 1400mAh rechargeable battery. 


  • Bendix King DPH models including command series radios
  • Bendix King GPH models including command series radios
  • Bendix King EPH models
  • Bendix King LPH models
  • Bendix King KX-99 models


This is an exceptional back up to our high capacity batteries, for those times when there is no power to plug your charger into for days on end. Equivalent to LAA0139.

Awesome Because:

Inexpensive AA batteries can power your radio for the duration of an extended wildland fire incident, even when power for a battery charger is scarce or not available

Exceptional fit and finish, ensures the clamshell fits exactly as the OEM battery does

Orange Color to make your radio standout from the others on the fire line

Radio Compatibility
  • DPH
  • GPH
  • EPH

More Details

Orange AA Battery Clamshell for DPH, GPH

  • Battery Type - AA Clamshell
  • Color: Orange
  • Replaces Products: LAA0139, 0049O, BABA1403, 071-0056-00, KX-8AA
  • What's Included: Clamshell

  • Battery Capacity: 0-1500 mAh