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Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap

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The CAUNIARESS is a heavy-duty shoulder strap to carry your Bendix King portable radios. The heavy-duty clips hold the radio case securely and the 1-inch wide leather adjustable strap fits comfortably over the shoulder.  Adjustable strap length, 51" to 60"

Works with the following Holsters: 

  • CAKNGL9ROK - Large Leather Holster BK KNG 
  • KAA0415 - Leather Holster BK KNG
  • KAA0415CF - Leather Holster BK KNG
  • LAA0425 - Leather Holster with LCD Window BK DPH
  • LAA0430 - Short Battery Leather Holster BK DPH
  • LAA0435 - Solid Front Leather Holster BK DPH 
  • Tait T03-00038-00035, T03-00038-00036, T03-00038-00037

Why Choose the CAUNIARESS Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap?

Are you looking for another way to carry your radio other than on your hip? The heavy-duty shoulder strap works with the above-mentioned holsters and secures your BK Technologies handheld portable radio over your shoulder instead of wearing it on your hip. 

Awesome Because:


Strap includes loop

1-inch Thick Leather

Radio Compatibility
  • BKR9000
  • BKR5000
  • KNG2-P
  • KNG-P
  • KNG-P S
  • DPH
  • GPH
  • EPH

More Details

CAUNIARESS 1-inch Thick Leather Shoulder Strap for use with Holsters

  • What's Included: Leather strap with 2 case clips

  • Carry Accessory Material: Leather
  • Carry Type: Straps