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KNG P Series Tactical Throat Mic

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This military grade throat mic was built specifically for your Bendix King handheld radio. This throat mic picks up the vibrations directly from your throat when you speak, so that that extraneous noise is almost eliminated from your transmissions. The mic comes equipped with a large Push To Talk (PTT) button that is easy to operate with gloved hands and a comfortable surveillance style ear piece. Even in noisy environments there is no need to speak above a whisper to be heard.  There are many ear tip choices that can be added in the sold separately section.


  • All KNG P150 and KNG P150 command series radios
  • All KNG P150S series radios
  • All KNG P400 series radios
  • All KNG P400S series radios
  • All KNG P500 series radios
  • All KNG P800 series radios


Wildland firefighting can be a noisy business, but when it is at its noisiest that is usually when communication is most important. This throat mic enables you communicate clearly in the noisiest environments.

Awesome Because:

No need to speak above a whisper to be heard loud and clear

Large Push To Talk (PTT) is easy to operate even when wearing gloves

Plug and play, built specifically for your Bendix King KNG P series radio

Radio Compatibility
  • KNG2-P
  • KNG-P S
  • KNG-P

More Details

Tactical Throat Mic, Heavy Duty for KNG, KNG2

  • Grade - Tactical
  • Connector Type: Plug In
  • Replaces Products: NCC0230, KAA0239
  • What's Included: Throat Mic with puck PTT

  • Water Rating: IP51 - 56 Resistant