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How do I program my radio?

How do I program my radio?

When it comes to programming a radio, there are several methods you can use. In this blog post, we will explore three different ways to program a radio: computer programming, cloning, and hand programming. Each method has its own benefits and considerations, so let's dive in and learn more about each one.

1. Computer Programming

Computer programming is a popular method for programming radios, especially in the modern digital age. This method involves using software and a cable to connect the radio to a computer. With computer programming, you can easily manage and update the programming of your radio using a user-friendly interface.

One of the key benefits of computer programming is its efficiency. You can quickly program multiple radios with the same settings, saving you time and effort. Additionally, computer programming allows for more advanced features, such as importing and exporting programming files, creating custom channels, and organizing your radio settings in a systematic way.

Unlock the full potential of your radio with computer programming. Gain access to a wide range of options and features that are otherwise unavailable. Refer to the help file for assistance. The software is designed like spreadsheets, making it easy for you to program thousands of frequencies.

For Legacy radios (GPH, DPH, GPH-CMD, DPH-CMD, EMV, EMH, GMH, DMH, LPH, or EPH) you will use LAA0725 PC Programming Cable and corresponding software for your radio. If your radio does not have a DB9 serial port connector then you will also need the USB (PRAD9RUSSE) adapter.

If you have a KNG mobile or portable you will use KAA0710 PC Programming Cable and corresponding software for your radio. There are three different programming software's for the KNG series radios so be sure you are getting the correct one for your needs.

The newest handheld radios on the market from BK Technologies are the BKR Series. If you have a BKR5000 or BKR9000 radio then you will use the BKR0710 PC Programming cable and the BKR0733 software. The software is available as a download, a flash drive or a CD.


2. Cloning

Cloning is another method for programming radios, which involves using a cable and, in some cases, an adapter if you have a specific radio model like the BKR5000or BKR9000. With cloning, you can copy the programming from one radio to another, making it an efficient method for setting up multiple radios with the same configuration. Cloning is an effective way to program a radio out in the field without a computer.

The main advantage of cloning is its simplicity, you can easily clone the programming data in an existing BK Radio over to another radio. If you have a radio that is already programmed to your liking, you can easily transfer those settings to another radio without the need for complex software or manual input. You can clone between a mobile and a portable or different models of radios. This method is particularly useful for organizations or teams that require consistent radio settings across multiple devices.

Use the table below to determine which cloning able you need.


The G-ECC Cable referenced in the table above has been discontinued. To view  the LAA0700 Legacy Radio Cloning Cable click here. This cable can clone from same series to same series legacy radios. If you are unsure use the table above to confirm if the LAA0700 programming cord is correct for you.

The KAA0701 is also known as a universal cloning cable or a medusa cable. This cable can clone from legacy radios to the KNG series mobile or portable radios. To view the KAA0701 Cloning Cable click here.

For users looking to clone from BKR5000 or BKR9000 radios to a legacy radio then you will need to use the KAA0701 Universal Cloning Cable in conjunction with the BKR0701 Cloning cable adapter. This adapter connects to one of the dongles on the medusa cord allowing you to clone to the newest BKR radio series. To view the BKR0701 Cloning Adapter click here.

3. Hand Programming

Hand programming, as the name suggests, involves manually programming the radio using its built-in interface and controls. While this method may be slower and more time-consuming compared to computer programming or cloning, it can be a viable option in certain situations. From the keypad of your BK Radio you can enter your TX and RX information, as well as your PL Tone to talk on that channel immediately.

The benefit of hand programming is its simplicity and independence from external devices. You don't need a computer or any additional equipment to program the radio. Hand programming is useful when you want to talk to any other radio and don't have the channel preprogrammed into your radio. This method is useful when you are in the field or don't have access to a computer or cloning capabilities. It also allows for on-the-spot adjustments and customization without relying on pre-programmed settings.

For KNG portable radios the field programming must be "ENABLED" on your radio via PC Programming. Legacy BK Radios came out of the box with field programming enabled, but require a LAA0701 Programming Plug to be connected to the radio to put the radio in field programming mode. 


There are three main ways to program a radio: computer programming, cloning, and hand programming. Each method offers its own advantages and considerations. Computer programming provides efficiency and advanced features, cloning offers simplicity and consistency, while hand programming allows for independence and on-the-spot adjustments. Choose the method that best suits your needs and enjoy seamless radio communication!

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