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Is the BKR5000 or BKR9000 right for me?

Is the BKR5000 or BKR9000 right for me?

When it comes to choosing the right radio for your needs, it's important to consider the features and capabilities of different models. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast the BKR5000 single band radio with the BKR9000 multiband radio to help you make an informed decision.

What are the key differences between the BKR5000 and the BKR9000?

The BKR5000 is a single band radio, meaning it operates on a single frequency band. On the other hand, the BKR9000 is a multiband radio, which means it can operate on multiple frequency bands. This allows the BKR9000 to provide better coverage and flexibility in different environments.

Which radio offers better reception?

When it comes to reception, its a toss up! Both the BKR9000 and the BKR5000 are designed to offer the best reception possible. The connectivity of these radios are also somewhat dependent on the antennas. Since the BKR9000 has a limited range of antennas the variety of compatible antennas with the BKR5000 offers more customizability for your needs in the wilderness.

Which radio offers more features?

The BKR9000 takes the lead in terms of features. It offers a wide range of functionalities, including multiband functionality. Since the BKR5000 is a single band radio it can not be used to transmit on the UHF or 700/800 frequency ranges. These additional multiband feature makes the BKR9000 a versatile radio that can be used in various situations, from emergencies to outdoor adventures.

Which radio is more portable?

Both the BKR5000 and the BKR9000 are designed to be portable, but the BKR5000 is more compact and lightweight. This makes it easier to carry around, especially if you're on the move. However, if you prioritize functionality over portability, the BKR9000's additional features may outweigh its slightly larger size.

Which radio is more durable?

When it comes to durability, both radios are built to withstand tough conditions. However, the both the BKR9000 and the BKR5000 have an edge over the previously discontinued KNG series, with its rugged construction and superior water and dust resistance. This make the BKR series radios a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts or professionals who require a radio that can withstand harsh environments.

Which radio is more suitable for emergencies?

While both radios can be used in emergency situations, the BKR9000's multiband capabilities give it an advantage. In case of an emergency, the BKR9000 can access different frequency bands, increasing the chances of finding a working channel to communicate with emergency services or other individuals. 

For wildland firefighters however, the BKR5000 is the radio of choice for both the US Forest Service and most state agencies. Due to the NIFC approval this radio has been on the forefront for more than 2 fire seasons. It is a tried and true communication solution for Wildland Firefighters nationwide. 

Which radio is more cost-effective?

The cost-effectiveness of a radio depends on your specific needs and budget. The BKR5000, being a single band radio, is generally more affordable compared to the BKR9000. However, if you require the additional features and capabilities of the BKR9000, the higher price may be justified.


Both the BKR5000 single band radio and the BKR9000 multiband radio have their own strengths and weaknesses. The BKR5000 is more portable and cost-effective, while the BKR9000 offers more features. Consider your specific requirements and budget to determine which radio is the best fit for you.


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